Amazing – Was Michelangelo An Atheist

michaelangelo atheist

Is there a hidden message in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? We’re gonna claim him. This immensely famous piece of art is called “The Creation Of Adam” but you will note it does not clarify who is the creator, and who is created. We also know that Michelangelo had dissected cadavers from a young age and had discrete knowledge of the brain’s anatomy.

Oh, but there’s more. In a famous letter in which Michelangelo describes his work he says, and I quote

“Whence false and quaint, I know,

Must be the fruit of squinting brain and eye”

Interesting stuff. Obviously there’s no way to know if there was any intended meaning or how it should be interpreted. I’ve read some claim the brain symbolizes God giving Adam intelligence which appears reasonable to me as well. It does appear likely the brain is being displayed here.