Just an amazing exchange in twitter land today. First I’m linked here to the common misunderstanding of thermodynamics


Then assaulted with the following tweet


Now not only does our friend think there’s only one sun, he the KS he’s stumped science by asking where the sun gets its energy, and apparently is not aware the sun is a star like all the others in the sky.

Indeed. Not a good day for theism. But a great day for Theist science education.

Theists are spectacularly willing to compromise their integrity when pressed trying to explain their bigotry rationaly. Observe this angry Theist claiming no one ever taught him to dismiss alternative religious beliefs.


And here he one minute later employing bigotry to dismiss a mere sect of his own religion as an unholy cult.  Shockingly enough in this exchange he is trying to argue that theists, not atheists, are the ones operating from a position of logic.